i_basic_font_size - resizing of text, when the window resizes

When a window resizes often it is desired that the text sizes follow the window size. To realise that it is necessary to know the origin size of font and window to scale the font to current size. The class i_basic_font_size controls these values and when added to a window it control the resizing of text.
To get the automatic functionality it is necessar to derive from a window class and overwrite the virtual resize() method, for call of i_basic_font_size when resizing:

#include <FL/Fl_Double_Window.H>
#include <f_font_size.h>

class Fl_Font_Window:
    public Fl_Double_Window,                    // Use your favoured window type, e.g. Fl_Window, Fl_Overlay_Window
    public f_font_size::i_basic_font_size      // Basic font and size settings
        Fl_Font_Window(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char* label= 0):
            Fl_Double_Window(x, y, w, h, label),
            i_basic_font_size(w, h),    // Remember origin values

        Fl_Font_Window(int w, int h, const char* label= 0):
            Fl_Double_Window(w, h, label),
            i_basic_font_size(w, h),   // Remember origin values

        virtual ~Fl_Font_Window() {}

        // Activate/ Deactivate resizing of text:

        inline void Resize_Text(bool An)    {    m_Resize_Text= An; }
        inline bool Resize_Text() const       {    return m_Resize_Text; }

        // virtual method of Fl_Double_Window. overwrite for resize of fonts:

        virtual void resize(int px, int py, int pw, int ph)
        {    // Callback, when window is resized, resize fonts now
            Fl_Double_Window::resize(px, py, pw, ph);    // Resize window
            m_wn= pw;                                                    // Remember size
            m_hn= ph;
            if (m_Resize_Text)    Resize(this, pw, ph);        // Resize text

        bool m_Resize_Text;        // Current mode

Now this class can be used like a standard window class:

    Fl_Font_Window Wnd(400, 200, "Font Window");
    new Fl_Box(20, 20, 100, 25, "Hello World");
    return Fl::run();

Fluid_Font_Window.pngAlso it can be used to add resizing to fluid windows.
The example code uses this inside of fluid class Fl_Example.

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